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My 29th Trip Around the Sun…

3 Jul

Well, I am ending my 29th birthday happy and relaxed. What is weird about this birthday is that for the first time in ten years I am not working at camp. It was simple and relaxing. I started my day making my usual egg sandwich for breakfast, actually went to yoga, then I came home and this afternoon I played Scrabble with my aunt and grandmother, drank wine, ate dinner, and then made home butter cream frosting for the Chocolate, Cayenne pepper, cinnamon cupcakes I made yesterday.

Like most years I have felt that that year was going to be great, but have always been incorrect in that feeling. Usually it is because I have had high hopes in finding work in my degree field and then being unemployed for the next years. However, this year I know is going to be different. Why? Well I am moving to California to work at an Outdoor Science School! While not in my degree field, I am excited about the program that I will be working within for the coming school year. I am also excited for the opportunities that this job gives me to start over, to connect with other artists to not have the feeling of being held back by the people around me. I need this year to explore. To find inspiration. This is going to be my year to start a new adventure. I am going to smile more and shine a little more brightly than my previous 28 years.

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And then I forgot about writing…

9 Sep

So at the beginning of the year I said I was going to try and write every single day…. welp, that didn’t work out. I’ve done a small bit of writing and I’ve done small bits of art, well apart from two weeks this summer I spent working with a couple of camper groups and a couple of other staff members painting two large murals in our new youth center at camp. I am getting back to my art by entering a few photography contests and signing up for the Providence Street Painting festival at the end of the month. I think I’ve decided on what I am going to draw for that… it will most likely be the illustration that is being used as the cover of the Guinea Project book. Which brings me to another exciting thing… they have added me to the team of people to help put together the pages of the book! I am also doing a lot more research on getting an Anthropology degree to move forward towards the things that will allow me to do the things I want to do as work. If anyone thinks I am making terrible life decisions by doing that… please keep them to yourself, I am tired of people telling me what I should and shouldn’t do… because it is my life and the only person who can determine what is right or wrong is me… unless it involves me getting into bad habits or something of that nature… but if it is in regards to what I want to do with my art, or work or anything in my life that makes me happy please keep negative comments to yourself because I honestly don’t need the negativity in my life.


Thanks for reading! Oh also we are looking to put up a PDF file of the Guinea Project book online for everyone to look at.


Lots of love, Cailin

New blog for my Photography.

19 May

I will be posting new and old photography to tumblr. So far I only have a few posts… Feel free to check them out! 


It’s Not A…

6 Mar

Project, but a PROMISE. The Guinea Project like in the link I am about to share with you all, really is just that a promise to bring a smile and a little bit of light to the children of Guinea. Please take the time to read the post. This project not only helped me as an artist to realize that my art can mean something but it allowed me to meet some really awesome and talented people in the process, and I hope to meet these new friends in the near future. So go and read the post. And thank you if you’ve read this and travel over the provided link!


Let Your Imagination Speak…

1 Mar

… is my design for the collaborative contest with Threadless and the You Are Beautiful Campaign.

I forgot when I stumble across the You Are Beautiful campaign, it was a few years ago and  I am so happy that I found it. My very first “contribution” to this campaign was simple. I was sitting on a plane either heading back to school or I was coming home, I took a piece of paper tore it into a smaller piece and wrote “you are beautiful”; either on the same side as that or on the back I asked that whoever found the paper leave it somewhere else for another person to find. A simple gesture that hopefully has made other people smile and made them feel loved and beautiful.

Being beautiful has always been a difficult thing for me to feel and so was being confident with myself. I don’t expect to be the best at every thing but I feel most of the time my ideas and words and thoughts are constantly cast aside…  But no matter, I keep picking myself up back away from the things that sometimes hurt and I figure out how to grow.

The one thing I will always have is my imagination and my thoughts. Most of the time they are totally unrealistic and pretty much leave me living in my own world but at this point in my life I really don’t care. With my imagination I can create beautiful pieces of art and write poetry and stories for others to look at and for one thing I can be totally proud of.

So here I am and here you’ve made it to the almost end of this post. I hope as a supporter of my art and my visions I hope you vote for my Threadless and You Are Beautiful t-shirt design. I am including two links the actual page of the design and the general page with the designs on it. I am doing this because their website is still in wonky beta mode. The highest vote is a five and lowest is a one. To vote it works best to go to the general page the design is on and place the mouse over the image and choose the number score. You will also have to create a log in to the Threadless site.

*THE NUMBER SCORE IS IMPORTANT BUT SO ARE THE COMMENTS!* Comments are just as important and can really help the design get printed.

LINKS: General page: Title of my design is LET YOUR IMAGINATION SPEAK my user name is CailinMarie. http://www.threadless.com/beautiful/submissions/

Here is the designs page: http://www.threadless.com/beautiful/let-your-imagination-speak/

If you want you can share this entire blog post with your friends and families and I really hope that you will share.


Buckets of Love!


21 Feb

I will be uploading a few designs to Threadless for another design contest. This time I will be entering multiple designs. The contest is with threadless and the You Are Beautiful campaign, I’ve been following this campaign for years and have even attempted doing a small project for it a few years ago. i hope when I post the links you all will help me out by voting and sharing the designs with everyone you know, unlike the Sony and Threadless design, I am truly passionate about this campaign. So get ready friends! Love to you all!


Books Contain The World

9 Feb

Books Contain The World

Books contain magic. Books allow the imagination to roam freely throughout worlds. Books make me happy. This is an illustration I have been working on for The Guinea Project 2013 Book. It’s not quite done and I need to make a scan.

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