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Adventures in Dog Training, Part Four

17 Feb

This post is going to combine weeks two and three of training. Beans was still doing a lot of growling and barking at the trainer, however, despite that still open to learning new things. Still hand feeding in hopes to curb his food aggression. Learned “leave it”, which we learned Beans has much faster reflexes than I do, but he did pick up on it fairly quickly. By the next week he would be able to walk past socks, shoes and trash and would pretty much ignore them. Now, week three we had a bit of a set back, Beans refused to get out of the car when we got to training. What we thought was just car anxiety might be some generalized anxiety and we decided to take some time off to be able to meet with the vet to discuss maybe trying medication as the calming chews the trainer suggested weren’t super helping. This was the beginning of December and also due to holidays and sickness there were a few extra breaks. (Perks of training in the winter).

Stay tuned for more!

Adventures in Dog Training, Part Three

12 Feb

Finally, time to get into the nitty gritty of this blogging adventure. Week one of training (mid November). We mostly sat and talked about what we wanted to work on during the sessions. Beans while we were talking was growling occasionally barking generally unsure of the whole situation. He also was curious and sniffed this new human and took treats when tossed. Learned “down” fairly quickly while I was kneeling. We were given homework of hand feeding for his food aggression, working on “down” slowly working up to standing and asking him the command. (3 months later doing down is boring and he rather not). Finally was told to minimize the attention I would be giving to him for two weeks, in order to reset his brain to realizing he needs to earn the attention he gets.

*Also, yes we are still training, 3 months later, thanks to holidays, being sick on both sides and then starting Beans on meds for anxiety(more on that in a later post. Next Monday (Feb 17th) should be our last session.



Adventures in Dog Training, Part Two

22 Jan

So, the last post was before training started and Bean’s behavior since adopting him in June. I decided he needed training due to his high energy level, that’s when I signed him up for training at Petsmart ( like a month after adopting him).  Fast forward to our first training session went so wonderfully (add in the most amount of sarcasm). We learned the proper way to not approach a strange dog (seriously who goes towards a dogs collar at first meeting… NO ONE) way to set my dog up for success. Beans is a velcro dog when he is overwhelmed. Oh, he nipped the trainer once. I made the decision to cancel the rest of the classes because it was not the right fit for me dog, nor was the trainer. The trainer labeled my dog as aggressive.

Sorry this was not meant to sound like a diss to Petsmart training. For dogs that need simple obedience training it is a great class. It was not the right training class for my dog, as he has a lot more to work on besides the basics. So I started research on private training, and found one that seemed hopeful. We spoke on the phone and talked about Beans and what was going on with him and whether to do in home training or at her training facility, we decided training at her facility would be best. And we were starting training the week of Thanksgiving. I think this is where I will leave you until the next post.


Adventures in Dog Training, Part One

30 Dec

I have been wanting to write about this for a while. I got a dog in June. Super freaking exciting that I am weirdly at a point in my life where I thought I wouldn’t be able to ever have one. Sometime before June I started looking at local dog rescues, and came across a huge adoption event that happens two times a year in Rhode Island and after multiple discussions okay maybe one conversation with my wonderfully supportive boyfriend, I decided to apply for pre-approval for this event. I made a solid list of dogs that I was interested in and as soon as I was pre-approved for the event I reached out to the rescues that had dogs I was interested in… Initially my top choice of dog was an 80 pound black German Shepard. Fast forward to June, found out this dog would not be at the event and I had never heard back from the rescue. Oddly, the next dog apparently on my list was this supposed corgi/border collie mix named Burney, his photograph on pet finder he had the sweetest face. I went to the area where he was with and I almost put the brakes on and kept walking because I had never wanted a small dog. Ha! Well I met Burney and I sat on the floor his handler at the event put him down and he came over and let me pet him. Next thing I know we walk outside and with one of the lovely trainers introduced him to Jim to make sure it would be a potential good match. Which it was! And after that and very quickly I was in line to pay his adoption fee. Whole thing happened in probably an hour maybe less. I was honestly shocked at how quickly the process went for me. We have been through a lot in the almost 7 months I have had him, which I will be writing more about.

So we renamed him Beans, honestly fits his personality fantastically. He is absurdly energetic and also loves him some belly rubs and cuddles. Now to his issues we are working on and what this blog series is going to focus on. My sweet Beans slowly became food, resource and stranger aggressive. Before we noticed any aggression I signed up for basic obedience training at Petsmart, as I needed to find a way curb his energy levels. Let’s just say it did not go well at all, and we did not go back after that first class, it was not the right program for him. I found a private trainer and we started right before Thanksgiving… more about that on the next post.

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