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100, 000 Miles

23 Jan

I wrote the poem while in college and it was for a poetry club event, I think it was support 9/11 and something along the lines of World peace. So here is 100,000 Miles.

We hear the cars pass by
We hear the birds
Sing in the spring
We hear the children laughing merrily
But I hear the question why?

Why can we only hear laughter
And not the crying passing from
100,000 miles away
Still all I can say is why?

They walk through the desert land
They hear shouts of neighbors when they pass
They see sadness in the faces of their children
But all I can hear is why?

Why can’t we see them walking
And hear them shouting
Calling us from 100,000 miles away
Still all I can say is why?

We can walk 100,000 miles for freedom
100,000 miles for the innocent
100,000 miles for the hungry
100,000 miles for the laughing
100,000 miles for the crying
100,000 miles for the dying
We can walk 100,000 to change our world.

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