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Last Night…

19 Feb

Last night I was inspired to write a song… So weird seeing as I am not a musician. I am slowly working on the lyrics as I type this. Maybe if I feel brave I will record it and play around in Garage Band to add some instrumental stuff.


Music is love….

12 Feb

Music is love....

So I’ve posted this photo a bunch. Music is how most of us survive. We listen to music everyday. We choose the songs that fit our mood or have the ability to change our moods to how we want to be feeling. It’s how we express ourselves when the right words are too difficult to find.

Soul Searching

24 Jan

I wrote this bit back on the 28 March 2010, the part that I am going to publish is just the end of a longer post but I feel as if it can hold its own.

Searching for a soul is like reading and following lines on a treasure map.

Searching for that buried treasure or finally finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

An entire lifetime of searching, hunting and morphing to find ourselves.

An entire lifetime to find that soul that self, was where we left it to keep it safe…

At the beginning of the labyrinth under a rock before we began to doubt ourselves as human beings.

Watch The Stars Settle

24 Jan

A poem I wrote on 2 September 2008. I was about to run over to Poetry Club and my friend had Instant messaged me this line: “As I stare out of the window and watch the dust settle.” I found that poetic sounding and asked him if I could use the line for a poem… Well here is the poem for you to enjoy.


As I stare out of the window and watch the dust settle.

I dare not mettle with the winds gust.

The dust settles and all I can see is the bright night sky.

My gaze is stuck on the moon,

You see the same moon,

From hundreds of miles away.

Shooting stars fly across the midnight sky.

Let’s lay in our own backyards

and star gaze together but apart.

As I stare out of the window and watch the stars settle.

First post for today…

24 Jan

I love looking through all my various journals, sometimes I found a piece of writing that I like and haven’t shared with everyone. This at the moment is an untitled piece.

Sun shining through a dark storm cloud…

Please stay to warm the earth…

Sit and listen to the banjo strings plucking away…

Melodies that stay to warm the earth…

The west wind whistles across the sky…

Whistles that stay to warm the earth…

Heartbeats flow rhythmically through our veins…

Beats that stay to warm the earth…

Stay to warm the earth.

100, 000 Miles

23 Jan

I wrote the poem while in college and it was for a poetry club event, I think it was support 9/11 and something along the lines of World peace. So here is 100,000 Miles.

We hear the cars pass by
We hear the birds
Sing in the spring
We hear the children laughing merrily
But I hear the question why?

Why can we only hear laughter
And not the crying passing from
100,000 miles away
Still all I can say is why?

They walk through the desert land
They hear shouts of neighbors when they pass
They see sadness in the faces of their children
But all I can hear is why?

Why can’t we see them walking
And hear them shouting
Calling us from 100,000 miles away
Still all I can say is why?

We can walk 100,000 miles for freedom
100,000 miles for the innocent
100,000 miles for the hungry
100,000 miles for the laughing
100,000 miles for the crying
100,000 miles for the dying
We can walk 100,000 to change our world.

Letting My Life Speak.

21 Jan

Old piece of writing I found. I carry around multiple notebooks/ sketchbooks on a daily basis so I can write a poem or draw or simple jot down my thoughts. Enjoy!

Letting My Life Speak

Letting my life speak

Wearing my heart on my sleeve

Not living how others want me to live.

Moving through the motions

With a blank stare

With blank emotions

My eyes are dead

As a puppet on a string.

Breaking down, tears rolling down my cheeks

The decision to be made

Is driving me crazy

I need a break to walk away.

The fire inside me is growing dim

I find the sparks again as 

The music plays

I get lost and forget everything.

I am letting my heart whisper guidance

I am letting go

I am living my own life

I am letting my life speak.

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