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Let Your Imagination Speak…

1 Mar

… is my design for the collaborative contest with Threadless and the You Are Beautiful Campaign.

I forgot when I stumble across the You Are Beautiful campaign, it was a few years ago and  I am so happy that I found it. My very first “contribution” to this campaign was simple. I was sitting on a plane either heading back to school or I was coming home, I took a piece of paper tore it into a smaller piece and wrote “you are beautiful”; either on the same side as that or on the back I asked that whoever found the paper leave it somewhere else for another person to find. A simple gesture that hopefully has made other people smile and made them feel loved and beautiful.

Being beautiful has always been a difficult thing for me to feel and so was being confident with myself. I don’t expect to be the best at every thing but I feel most of the time my ideas and words and thoughts are constantly cast aside…  But no matter, I keep picking myself up back away from the things that sometimes hurt and I figure out how to grow.

The one thing I will always have is my imagination and my thoughts. Most of the time they are totally unrealistic and pretty much leave me living in my own world but at this point in my life I really don’t care. With my imagination I can create beautiful pieces of art and write poetry and stories for others to look at and for one thing I can be totally proud of.

So here I am and here you’ve made it to the almost end of this post. I hope as a supporter of my art and my visions I hope you vote for my Threadless and You Are Beautiful t-shirt design. I am including two links the actual page of the design and the general page with the designs on it. I am doing this because their website is still in wonky beta mode. The highest vote is a five and lowest is a one. To vote it works best to go to the general page the design is on and place the mouse over the image and choose the number score. You will also have to create a log in to the Threadless site.

*THE NUMBER SCORE IS IMPORTANT BUT SO ARE THE COMMENTS!* Comments are just as important and can really help the design get printed.

LINKS: General page: Title of my design is LET YOUR IMAGINATION SPEAK my user name is CailinMarie. http://www.threadless.com/beautiful/submissions/

Here is the designs page: http://www.threadless.com/beautiful/let-your-imagination-speak/

If you want you can share this entire blog post with your friends and families and I really hope that you will share.


Buckets of Love!



31 Jan


It was draw a dinosaur day yesterday… So I drew a picture. Also completely unrelated I finally saw Jurassic Park for the first time this morning, and can now growl like a Velociraptor. By the way I already had the high pitched screech and the walk down.

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