Why I dance…

3 Jun

Ever wonder why someone chooses to do something… meaning a hobby or a sport or even reading a book for fun? I recently had a conversation with one of my friends about this, we mainly talked about why we contra dance. I first started contra dancing five years ago at the end of spring semester of my junior year, they decided to start a contra dance in Bristol, VA and one friend had been contra dancing for a long while and told us all how much fun it was. So I decided to give it a chance and I am glad that I did because it allowed me to strengthen the friends I had made that year and when I moved back to Rhode Island and finally had a license and a car I was able to continue dancing and meet some amazing people at home.

A few months ago I realized how much dancing I had been doing the past two years and also noticed the lack of that beautiful feeling of a “dance high”. I honestly think I was slowly becoming bored with dancing, mainly contra dancing, simply because I was contra dancing sometimes multiple times a week. I shouldn’t feel that way about something I love and I think I found a need to write about it because friends weren’t understanding fully why I felt like I needed a break from contra. When I was in school I wasn’t able to dance a few times a week or even once a week, so every time I did get to dance it was fun and exciting and left me wanting more. There might be people who still don’t understand why I am doing this, maybe in time they will.

While not dancing, I have been doing other things that I love like art and writing and reading. I have also been working on things and reading up about social/world issues that I had kind of pushed to the back of my mind after college. And surprisingly everything else that is going on in my life feeling like bad things keep getting thrown at me, I refuse to say that I hate my life, and most people if they were in my shoes might be doing just that.

While I may have digressed a bit from the original topic, it was necessary for that last paragraph. I will continue to dance, but if it’s not every week or only once a week, please don’t say that you disagree with my reasons for not needing to dance every week. Because they are my reasons and not yours. They work the same as opinions, and I shouldn’t have to explain this every time I decide to take a small step back. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from something you love and do all the time, simply to remember why you love it and what made you love it in the first place.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this!


2 Responses to “Why I dance…”

  1. 0junk June 3, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    Whether you dance once every other week or five times a week, if you love to dance just keep dancing. Passion shouldn’t be measured by how much time you spend on it. 🙂

  2. chris June 6, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    Hi! I think I can relate to your experience. I’ve been dancing for 12 years. Partly along the way, I used to teach dance, and took students to dance competitions. For a while, I was dancing 3-5 times per week, between ballroom and contra. Contra on Friday, dance comp on Saturday, Mostly Waltz on Sunday, dance classes Mon-Thu, repeat. So I did a lot of dancing. And somewhere along the way, I lost the magic. The rush, that beautiful screaming tingling roaring forgetful bittersweet joy that just floods all through and makes everything better and happy again.

    It’s like a sudden rush, a tingling in the nerves that runs over your body like a hot flash, and it just feels…./good/.

    I thought it was gone, lost in the mud of age and crankiness.

    Somewhere along the way, I found it again. Not every dance, but some dances. Part of it is that words are poison to that magic. No talking. Just dancing. Eye contact is another part of it. I’m going trust you so much that I’m going to look actually into your eyes. Something about looking into someone’s eyes every few seconds has some incredible effect on the soul.

    Also, being hydrated helps. And being hungry. Food takes the magic away.

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