Nomads… Revised version.

3 Dec

Scared travelers… lost with no information, on where we need to stand and wait, to move, to walk, to sit… and wait again. For what? To return to our families, to start a new life… What are we to find out about ourselves? That we are not as brave as we thought we were, or that we are stronger than what we thought. What will we have written on the sidewalks, on the street corners, on the window panes? Where will people read your story and what story will they know? Will your story have a grand finale, or a few words softly spoken? Better yet what do you see as your story’s ending or will it mirror “The Neverending Story” and it’s content whatever your reader can imagine? How our stories progress towards their inevitable ends, no one will know until, we write the words,, draw the pictures and stitch together the bindings. We can map out and write drafts with crossed out errors that we wish we could erase and forget, we are lost in a first and very rough draft… however in life we only get one draft. So make it a story that people will read over and over, even after we have passed. What will be your defining moment? What will our fellow nomads remember in passings by? What footprints will we leave for others to follow?


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