A Place a Face a Time in Space

22 Sep

Think about this… what if we just stopped for a moment and thought about our lives. We thought about the places that we have been, the faces of people we have come across and the moments of times that us to experience our most extreme emotions. Those are moments that have shaped us and continue to shape us everyday.

Places don’t necessarily have to be places we have spent a long amout of time in. For me some of these places have been: Rhode Island, Canonicus, Estes Park Colorado, Bristol Virginia and Asheville North Carolina. I grew up and continue to live in RI. I have had many ups and downs while living here, it’s a place I no longer feel at home. Canonicus has been a place that I have been going to every summer since I was eight, I feel at peace when I can be out in the woods and just sit there without campers around. Listening the nature that is all around the place. Estes Park Colorado, I spent a week there with at least 1700 youth, the place and the atmospere impacted my spiritual life in a huge way. hmmmm What to say about Bristol, Virginia, when I first arrived there it was a cultural whirlwind. I had never spent any extended time in the south and if I had it was when I was too young to remember. Lastly Asheville, North Carolina, I mainly spent Thursday nights dancing, but on a few occasions I would be there exploring the city and taking photographs. The minute I saw downtown Asheville I wanted to live there, or at least spend an extended amount of time there to soak in the culture and life that I had experienced. It’s in the south and well the last semester of college where I progressively and comfortably became a hippie. It was in Bristol and Asheville where I found myself, the person who was almost free of all her masks. Places can have a huge affect on a person but most times its the people in these places that make an impression.

Faces, well not faces but people can have an impact on our lives and experiences. In my personal opinion people can make or break a place. For instance Rhode Island; the people that I know here are continuing to break the place to the point where I feel as if I no longer belong in this fast pace northern state. The person I was finally comfortable being feel like she is slipping away and I am forcing the masks back on so I can maybe just fit it. I hate this feeling, and I am very quickly starting to hate this place. The people I have met in Bristol and in Asheville made those places home for me, places I am trying my hardest to get back to and I can’t seem to escape Rhode Island quick enough. If I were to write down every person I have encountered it would take me years. A few of the people who impacted me the most thus far are the friends I became close to the past year. They became my family. Sonja, Bailey, Katy, Matt, Kevin, Jake and a few others, helped me find me. Contra dancing may have brought the group of us together and maybe through a few of the car rides to and from Asheville allowed us to talk, whatever it was it brought us together. They are some of the only people that I feel I can go to when I need some one to talk to. In actuality I think we helped each other become comfortable with our own self.

Time another thing we never think about, yet we should. Think about it our lives are run by time, we grow older every second. For example I found that living in the north people are so concerned about time it takes over their lives in a bad way because they are running back and forth worrying about everything and are always on the go and live fast paced lives they don’t really acknowledge the time we have been given for us to enjoy. While living in the south I noticed that the people aren’t as concerned about the time and enjoy their days more often and they acknowledge that precious time we have been given. What if everyone took one day to spend it just sitting back and enjoying time and maybe to reflect, do you think we might be a happier society?

“Each friend is a world in us. A world possibly not born until they arrive, and it’s only by this meeting that a new word is born.” -Anais Nin


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